Fight for Glory

fight for glory
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  • Awesome Fighters: 7 Fighters with cool and unique “Special Power” moves
  • Combat Arenas and Scenes: 4 amazing Arenas and Scenes to choose from
  • Game Modes: Single Round Fight, Best of Three, and Tournament modes
  • Google Play Games Integration: Optional sign-in to check-out Achievements and Leaderboards within your social circle


  • Single, double, and triple taps for various punch, kick, and dodge actions
  • Joystick-like control for smooth movement
  • Toggle between different camera angles
  • Pause and Resume feature


Fight for Glory – EULA

Are you ready to reclaim your glory? Fight for your life, fight for glory!


1. Background score for the trailer and game music:
Artist: Kevin MacLeod (
Titles: Mechanolith, Prelude and Action, Satiate – only percussion, Stormfront, Big Rock
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

2. Game sound effects:
Title: Woosh; Recorded by: Mark DiAngelo (
Title: Punch, slap, n’ kick.wav; Recorded by: CGEffex (
Title: Click; Recorded by: RADIY (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

3. Code / Development Framework:
Libgdx – Android Game Development Framework
Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0

4. Game Graphics (3D Models, Textures, etc.):
a. Hunter – Reference model “Shaolin” by Mutte:

b. Satan – Reference model by Jellostain:

c. Beast – Reference model “Werewolf” by Howitzer86:

d. Hermit, Prince, Victor, Venom – Reference model “Detailed Man” by The squidifier:

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